MetroBill, The best web based hosted Invoicing Software for small business

The best hosted invoicing software
for small business

Create Invoices, Send Quotations, Track Payments,
Manage Customers, and much more...


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A new version with exciting features is on the way.

Feature List...
  • Offline Capability! Now MetroBill Will Work even if there is no Internet(On All Latest Browsers)
  • New Business Reports, Showing All transactions for a period
  • Customer Wise and Product Wise - Sales and Cash Flow Reports
  • Ability to create multiple billing profiles and generate Invoices under Multiple Names
  • Ability to Print Invoices, Estimates and Receipts on Pre-Printed Letter Heads
  • Ability to generate Invoices without Adding a Customer (For Walk-In, Cash or Non-Regular Customers)
  • Ability to Manage Vendors and recording out going Payments
  • A Self Service Portal For your Customers To View their Invoices, Payments and Reports
  • A Shiny new User Interface powered by latest in web technologies
  • Consistent experience on Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops and Personal Computers
  • Ability to Download All Your Data Anytime in an Excel Spreadsheet
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